The importance of thermal comfort for human health, working capacity and mood cannot be overestimated. There are many types of heating systems and devices that create favorable conditions in the premises. Our experience is not limited to the traditional radiator heating systems in residential and public buildings or air heating in industrial buildings, but we are dealing also with the new technologies and energy-saving solutions. We are focusing on:


  • heating units, including those manufactured at our factory and delivered assembled
  • air heating systems for the factories and warehouse complexes
  • convector and radiator systems for civil objects
  • combined with cooling of ceiling systems, “flexible space” systems and systems of heated structures


The reliability of our systems is ensured:

  • careful selection of materials and verification of their conformity with the specification and project
  • use of various pipeline installation technologies
  • ability of using of various types of welding
  • high-quality performance of insulation works and enclosure
  • high internal standards and requirements for the culture of production and compliance with the work performance technologies