ORIGO (2020)

Contractor SIA „Skonto Būve” 
Developer Linstow

In 2020, the renovated shopping center ORIGO was opened to welcome his client. The existing shopping areas were expanded and renovated and the area of about 23,000 m2 of the new premises were integrated.

There is a shopping center area on the first three floors of the building, while from the fourth to the sixth floor there is an A-class office business center "ORIGO One". The variety of the engineering solutions, like free cooling, heat recovery, have been implemented into the building systems to provide the energy efficient and customer friendly environment of the ORIGO center.

The company Biant installed the ventilation system and heating center in the new building and provided the installation of ventilation and conditioning systems of the existing building.

General contractor - SIA "Skonto Būve", developer - Norwegian company LINSTOW.

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