National Library of Latvia

Customer  LR Kultūras Ministrīja
Contractor  Nacināla Būvkompānijas Apvienība
Works  ventilācija, gaisa kondicionēšana
Site area, m2
Execution period

In 2010 BIANT Ltd started to participate in the construction of the National Library of Latvia. The company signed a contract for installation of interior water supply and sewage networks, and, in collaboration with the general partnership HVAC Engineers’ Association, also for installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems. 

One of the main tasks of the national library building is to preserve the cultural heritage of Latvia, and it effortlessly combines external stability and durability of reinforced concrete with internal spaciousness basking in light. For provision of building microclimate control the designers had selected a VAV system, which ensures the optimum balance between the required air properties and energy efficient system operation. 

It is planned to finish the installation, start-up and commissioning works of AC and ventilation systems in spring 2013.

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