Rietumu Capital Centre building

Customer  Rietumu Banka
Contractor  ELMIKS
 ventilācija, gaisa kondicionēšana
Site area, m2
Cooling Capacity   2000
Execution period

New RIETUMU BANKA building centre is rated as the class А office space. The innovative decisions and technologies that had been specified on the design stage and implemented during construction provide the operational flexibility, efficiency and reliability of the building. For heating, ventilation and air conditioning an innovative concept of under-floor air conditioning EMERSON FSS (flexible space system) has been installed. That was the first installation of FSS in Latvia. The system was successfully delivered, installed and commissioned by BIANT engineers.

Another technology which allows essentially reduce energy consumption in the building is free-cooling system, the natural cooling capacity of the implemented installation is 800 kW while total chiller plant capacity is about 2 000 kW.

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