Appartment house at Strēlnieku street in Rīga

Contractor  RBS Skals
 apkure, ventilācija, gaisa kondicionēšana, ūdensapgāde un kanalizācija
Site area, m2
Execution period

Construction of the residential building at Strelnieku St. 7 is a new exclusive project in the historic center of Riga, in the area of ​​art nouveau, where history is in harmony with modern architecture, combining comfort and aristocratic charm.

The building consists of two blocks - 21 apartments and penthouses with terrace are located in facade building, another 55 apartments are located in the inner building.

The building is equipped with the modern engineering communications, including the microclimate supporting system. The Company BIANT performed the installation of all internal engineering systems of the building. The object was put into commission in 2015.

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