National Reference Laboratory building, Latvian Center of Infectology

 Latvijas Infektoloģijas Centrs
 ventilation & air conditioning
Site area, m2  3600
Execution period

In 2009, the company BIANT completed the works on installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems for the laboratories of Latvian Infectology Center, the areas of activity of which is conduction of virological, bacteriological and diagnostic studies of highly dangerous diseases. 

The laboratory had to ensure biosafety and physical protection of the staff and environment according to the level BSL-3 (by the European classification).

Laboratory units are designed as self-supporting stand-alone complexes of special equipment built according to the principle of “premises in the premises”, thus ensuring the creation of a physical barrier between the interior space of the laboratory and the external environment.

For this purpose, the “infectious” zone of each of the laboratory units was provided by stand-alone automated engineering and technical systems for safe work: ventilation system with high-efficiency HEPA filters, drain treatment systems, deactivation of solid and liquid waste. Engineers of the Company ensured automatic maintenance of the required underpressure values in the premises of the “infectious” zone and pressure difference between the premises of different levels.

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